The above is a true plan of the town of Brookfield taken by Thomas Hale Jun'r, November 1794 by an actual survey agreeable to a resolve of the general court.
Taken June 18th 1794. layed down by a scale of two hundred rods to an inch. The boundary lines is laid down by the magnetic number without any allowance for the variation of the needle from the true meridian: the whole town contains 38,500 acres including land covered by waters and occupied by roads; the number of ponds in the Town of Brookfield is eight and the peported magnitude of the whole is 1,590 and the rivers, about 200 additional acres more.
There is thirteen large bridges over said rivers that appear by the above plan. Five Mile and Seven Mile Rivers are four rods wide each above the place where they meet and form a junction. This bay makes a river about seven or eight rods wide and runs into Quaboague Pond and from thence about the same breadth through the town.
The Post Road and the two County Roads occupy about 180 acres and the Town Roads according to the best calculation occupy about 590 acres.
There is no large mountains in the town, no mines, no minerals of any value, no iron furnaces and --- but one iron works and that of no profit for want of proper miners.
There are in the town seven cornmills and six sawmills, three --- fulling mills, most on small streams.
The Town of Brookfield is sixty eight miles westerly of the metropolis of the Commonwealth and twenty from the shiretown of the County of Worcester.
The above plan, taken by order of the selectmen of Brookfield.

Thomas Hale Jun'r 1784

Additional Information

Surveyor Thomas Hale Jun'r - born in Brookfield* 12 Jan 1744
Married Ruth Hardy of Westborough Dec. 1, 1768
Died as Hon. Thos. Esq. Jan 2, 1834, age 90 in North Brookfield.
Served as Representative in Mass. Legislature for years 1793, 95, 96, 99, 1810, 11, 13, 17
Served as State Senator - 1798, 99, 1800, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09
* Became Brookfield 2nd. Parish in 1750 (his place of birth). 1825 became separate town of North Brookfield.